Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outline of April 28 Meeting

(Additional comments are in RED)

❑ Announcements

❑ Anyone new here since the March Meeting?

Please fill out the questionnaire. is up and running.

I sent out invitations to everyone who filled out the questionnaire at the March meeting. Comments are welcomed.

❑ I have registered this group with Apple. Here is their response.

Thanks for visiting the Apple User Groups web site and submitting your

info. It's always great to see a new group forming.

We've put the group on pending status as it needs to grow in a couple

of areas before we can add it to the program or locator. When

accepting new groups, we typically look for:

1. three different leadership contacts

2. a couple of group meetings successfully completed (doesn't apply to

"Online Only" groups)

3. a website with at least basic meeting and contact information

4. at least 25 members (100 members for online groups)

❑ Q&A, General Discussion

❑ Basic Care & Feeding of your Macintosh

Links to all mentioned utilities can be found at or

❑ Backup, backup, backup!

There are two kinds of computer users: those that have had a hard disk fail and those that will have a hard disk fail.

❑ Mac OS X 10.5.x Time Machine

For best results use an external hard disk that's at least 1.5 times the capacity of the drive you're backing up.

❑ Mac OS X 10.4.x or later

❑ Retrospect Express

Free when you buy certain external drives.

❑ Carbon Copy Cloner (Free)

❑ SuperDuper! ($27.95 Shareware)

❑ Finder

For backing up selective files.

❑ iPhoto & iTunes

Can back up their own libraries.

❑ Maintenance Scripts

Maintenance scripts archive log files daily, weekly & monthly. This normally takes place in the middle of the night, but if your computer is off, you can run the scripts manually.Theoretically MacOS X 10.5.x runs these scripts at Startup if the computer has been off overnight. Mac OS X 10.4.x is supposed to do this too, but it does not do it reliably.

❑ Maintenance (Free)

❑ Maintidget (Free)—Maintidget.html

❑ When things just don't feel right…

❑ Restart

That may be all that's necessary. Sometimes restarting in "Safe Mode" (holding down Shift when restarting) can clear up some problems.

❑ Disk Utility

❑ Repair Disk Permissions

❑ Verify Disk

❑ Boot from install DVD

❑ Repair Disk

❑ Create a troubleshooting account. If the problem goes away, there was probably a problem in an Application Support or Preferences file.

❑ Single User Mode (BE VERY CAREFUL!)

❑ AppleJack (Free)—applejack

applejack auto restart

❑ Commercial Disk Utilities

❑ TechTool Pro ($98)

❑ DiskWarrior ($99.95)—DiskWarrior

❑ Other considerations

Use a surge protector or UPS

Have enough RAM

Don't overfill your hard disk. Leave ample room for Virtual Memory to grow.

Don't lose your software discs

Empty the Trash

Keep System and other software up-to-date

Software Update

App Update & Widget Update—software

Macworld's Maintenance Calendar—maintenance_cal.html

download and unzip this file