Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little People

At last night's meeting I mentioned a London artist who creates tiny people sculptures that are photographed and left in public places. Several of you expressed interest in seeing them. Here is the site:


Outline of May 26 Meeting

❑ Announcements

❑ Anyone new here since the April meeting?

Please fill out the questionnaire.

❑ We have an Internet connection tonight

Sorry, it's only dial-up.

❑ New Software Updates were released May 12

Apple - Support - Downloads

❑ For "Leopard"

❑ Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update

Both Incremental & Combo Updates

❑ For "Tiger"

❑ Security Update 2009-002

❑ For Both

❑ Safari 3.2.3

❑ Safari 4 Beta

❑ Q&A, General Discussion

❑ Our (Non-Apple?) Favorites

❑ Applications

❑ GraphicConverter [$34.95]

Apple photo software - Mac picture editor, photo editor, image editor, graphics conversion

❑ Skitch - Skitch - Snap, Draw, Share

❑ TextWrangler

Bare Bones Software | TextWrangler

❑ Melody Assistant [$25]

Melody Assistant

❑ Google Earth

Google Earth

❑ VoodooPad [$29.95]

VoodooPad from Flying Meat

❑ MacJournal [$34.95]

MacJournal : Mac journaling & Mac blog software.

❑ Stickies

❑ Notepad

There are several notepad applications. I don't know which one this one is. Sorry.

❑ Utilities

❑ 1Password [$39.95]

Agile Web Solutions Downloads

❑ Overflow [$14.95]

Stunt Software - Overflow

❑ TM Error Logger

TM Error Logger - Time Machine Error Reporting for Macintosh OS X

❑ AppZapper [$12.95]

AppZapper - The uninstaller Apple forgot.

❑ Monolingual


❑ Games

❑ sudokumat

Homepage of David Gunkel

❑ Mike's Cards [$25]

Mike's Cards (Macintosh)

❑ The Sims [$49.99]

Aspyr - The Sims™ 2

❑ Shisen Sho

Part of KDE Games 3 & 4. Must be compiled from source code.

❑ Puzzle Pirates

Puzzle Pirates

❑ Dashboard Widgets

❑ App Update → software → app update

❑ Widget Update → software → widget update

❑ Delivery Status

JUNECLOUD // software / mac os x / delivery status 4.8.1

❑ Earthquake Tracker

I was unable to find this one.

❑ Dictionary

❑ Websites

❑ Google Reader—reader

❑ Weather Underground

Welcome to Weather Underground : Weather Underground

❑ Doodle

Doodle: Easy Scheduling

❑ Amazon Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

❑ Blogger

❑ Facebook

Welcome to Facebook! | Facebook

❑ iGoogle


❑ Set Game

The Set Game Company Homepage

❑ Miscellaneous

❑ Take Control Books

Take Control Ebooks Home Page

❑ Freecycle

The Freecycle Network

❑ Rapid Refill Ink

1782-B Virginia Ave, North Bend, OR 97459

Rapid Refill - Store Locator

❑ Kodak Gallery

KODAK Gallery: Print, Store & Share Digital Photos—Order KODAK Prints, Photo Books, Photo Cards & Gifts

❑ What should we talk about next time?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Meeting

North Curry County Macintosh Users Group

Meeting: Tuesday, May 26th - 6:30pm
at Langlois Library

Topic: Favorites*

*What are your favorite (non-Apple) apps, utilities, games, widgets, websites...(etc.)?
Think about these and share them with us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The NCCMU Blog


Thanks for the "invitation" by way of which I finally had a "New Post" tab. The actual dialog box took 62 seconds to open. Quite fancy what with colors and choice fonts.

Will be ordering Pogue's Mac book which I hope will tell me how to keep Mac Mail from popping up after I have made Mozilla Thunderbird my mail client.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Answers to two questions

These two questions were buried in Comments where they were unlikely to be seen by most readers. For the benefit of everyone who follows this blog, I have copied them here.

1) How can I make Thunderbird my default mail client instead of iMail?

Launch Mail. Select "Preferences..." from the Mail menu. Under the "General" tab you will fins a popup menu "Default email reader:". That is where you can switch to Thunderbird. I don't use Thunderbird, but you may be able to do the exact same thing by selecting the "General" tab in Thunderbird's preferences.

2) I have two NCCMU tabs in the Firefox link line. How can I delete the duplicate one? Draging it into the trash isn't working.

I don't use Firefox anymore, but in Camino (another Mozilla browser) you can select "Show Bookmark manager" from the "Bookmarks" menu.

Leaving Questions

If you are an invited blog member you should be able to Sign In with name and password and then be allowed to create a NEW POST. It will appear on the blog (like this one) and be available for members and the public to read and comment upon. It is the best way to bring questions and issues, or observations, to notice. Please feel free to try it out!