Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Next and Future Meetings ?

Might I be so bold as to suggest that perhaps it's less the day than the location? Before giving up the group entirely, please hold at least one meeting in Port Orford. Heavens, the very thought! Okay, I'll bribe you with something to eat before the meeting. Thursday might be good since the library is open until 8 PM. The big community room costs money but we can meet in the little room for free, and spill out into the hallway if need be. If we happen to wander into the big room, well, who knows?

What about the new burrito shop? That might be another possibility.

By the way, even though I selected all the days of the week on your poll, for me it does depend on which week of the month as well. For example, I already have evening meetings scheduled for the second Monday and Thursday of each month.

One last thing: thank you for getting this group started. Even if we end up meeting only once per quarter, at least if we can get to know each other and maintain some kind of contact on-line, that's a "win" to my way of thinking.