Monday, July 6, 2009

Next meeting and future meetings

Since we started this group, monthly meetings have been scheduled for 6:30 PM on the last Tuesday of the month. Our next meeting will adhere to that schedule and will be held Tuesday, July 28 at the Langlois Library.

I can't help but notice that attendance has dwindled since our inaugural meeting. Summertime travel season may be one influencing factor. Another factor could be the simple inconvenience or having our meetings on the "wrong" day of the week. (I choose to ignore the possibility that I don't have anything interesting to present.)

I have created a poll over there in the right column. If you could take a moment of your time to click on one or more days of the week when you'd be most likely to attend an NCC-Mac meeting, we'll try to come up with a better schedule. Meetings will still be held in the evening, near the end of each month, at the Langlois Library.

Thank you for your feedback.