Friday, September 4, 2009

Snow Leopard Hates FireWire 400?

After a long night of troubleshooting why my external FireWire 400 DVD drive was able to install Snow Leopard without a hitch, but suddenly became flaky to the extreme immediately afterward, I got it straight from Apple Tech Support that FireWire 400 is no longer supported. That does not explain why my FireWire Time Machine drive is still working like a champ.

There are a few message threads in Apple's support forums that suggest this has been a problem for a few other users besides me. The best I can tell people who rely on me for tech support is to not assume their FireWire 400 peripherals will still work properly after updating to Snow Leopard.

My DVD drive also has a USB interface which seems to work just fine. That's the way I'll be using the drive until I hear anything different from Apple.