Saturday, September 4, 2010

My 15-seconds of fame!

Apple just released iTunes 10.0, and an amusing thing happened. All (or at least most) Automator actions that talk to iTunes broke. The Automator application does not even acknowledge that these actions exist. This is because Automator actions, and Mac applications as well, keep track of their version information in a text file tucked away inside their "bundle" folder, a folder that looks like a single file as far as the user is concerned.

The Automator actions that control iTunes need iTunes to be version 4.6 or higher. "10.0" is alphabetically less than "4.6", and Automator hides these actions from the user. This is similar to the same of foresight that caused the Y2K problem.

How did I get my 15-seconds of fame? I figured out one way to regain use of these wayward Automator Actions, and posted this solution to MAC OS X HINTS. Look here if you want to read the article and its comments.

By the way, I almost got 30-minutes of fame earlier this year when I appeared as an extra in a TV commercial featuring Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, Tiger had his sex scandal thing, and the commercial was probably never aired. That's Show Biz.