Friday, May 1, 2015

Extra Stuff from April 2015 NCC-Mac Meeting

First off, here is a link to view the slideshow of the April 2015 NCC-Mac meeting.

Second, I promised some scripts you can use with the new

These scripts go a few levels down in your local Library folder. In Finder go to your Home directory (the one with the little house icon). If you see a folder called Library, fine. If not, go to the View menu and select Show View Options. Check the Show Library Folder checkbox.

Download from my Dropbox. Double-click to unzip the Photos folder. Put that folder on your Desktop for now.

Now go back to your Home directory. Double-click Library folder. Double-click Scripts folder.

If you see an Applications folder in Scripts, fine. If not, go to the File menu and select New Folder. Name that new folder Applications. Double-click Applications folder.

Drag the Photos folder from your Desktop into your Finder window (Applications).

Double-click Photos folder. Double-click Photos Buddy.worlflow. (Photos may launch.) Photos Buddy.workflow will open in Automator. While Holding down the Option key, select Save As… from the File menu. At the bottom of the Save dialog, in the File Format popup menu, choose Application. Save Photos to your /Applications folder. Later you can drag it to your Dock. Quit Automator.

Whew! This is getting pretty complicated!

Back in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Photos folder, Double-click Copy ALL Filenames to Titles.scpt. It will open in Script Editor. From the Script Editor menu, select Preferences…. Under General, make sure that Show Script menu in menu bar is checked. Quit Script Editor.

Copy ALL Filenames to Titles does what its name implies in the currently open Photos Library.

Photos Buddy lets you select which Photos Library to open. (If you have only one Photos Library, Photos Buddy has no useful function that I can imagine.)